my heart is full.


this is unfortunately not going to be a long one folks, but emma arrives tomorrow and i wanted to get one more in before i am completely distracted by adventures (that’s the plan anyway;). i’ve been mainly busy getting a spare bike ready for emma and doing research on where we should go while she is here. that was fit into a full work week last week, and then a long weekend trip to the wee island this past weekend. and oh, that is a major reason my heart is full. i forget how much i love it there until i go back, and then i think to myself: “i could spend all the rest of my days and nights on this island (with northern canoe trips interspersed of course)”. it was also sunny ALL weekend, and hot, and calm, and we haven’t had that weather pattern here this year until now. looking at the 7 day forecast has also been making me giddy: sun sun sun sun sun sun sun. oh boy. even if it doesn’t actualize, i am happy to revel in the round happy suns on the screen. i went over for the spring festival, but mainly got sucked into being on the land. being there for such an extended period and camping on the land gave me lots of time to think about where to build things. the potential house site is now in several different spots. and i realized i can see the highest point of the island from the highest point on the land! it’s a special spot in general, but is extra special because last time i lived on the wee island i would often venture up there with my tent and stay the night, revelling in unimpeded views up and down the strait. it is magic.

i was also able to live outside again for days on end, a feeling i cherish, which i suppose i could do here at home too, but it doesn’t feel the same. luckily living in this bus is being part-time outside anyway, with the outdoor shower, outhouse, and sink. i did manage to get out to the dance that night and once again delighted in dancing barefoot in community, with the occasional errant dog wandering in and out.

DSC_4338smDSC_4339sm DSC_4341smDSC_4351sm DSC_4352smDSC_4359sm

whoop. i identified this wrong the first time around, it’s foxglove. digitalis purpurea.


reading along minding my own, and i suppose the authors, business, a notation by a reader bursts forth unstoppable laughter.
the perfect treehouse tree.
i hope it is not a bad thing that whenever i see new doug fir needles fresh out of the bud i think “snacks!”

DSC_4548smDSC_4549smDSC_4551smDSC_4557sm DSC_4564smbeach04smDSC_4568smDSC_4578smDSC_4579smDSC_4573smDSC_4580sm

khurue awaits me safely at home.

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