converting #6, walls and wiring

the walls are done! sweet! gosh is it pleasing to complete tasks. as i wrote in the last post, the studs were quite time consuming to get attached, but then i moved on to the instant gratification of running wires. i ran two circuits throughout the living area, one 12v and one 110v (many thanks to jeremy for going over the nuances of wiring with me). i neglected to realize when i was buying 110 electrical (gang) boxes and outlets that my walls weren’t the standard 2×4 depth (they are thinner), so i wasn’t able to install any. i just pulled the wires through the walls and am planning to buy surface-mount sockets when i make it back to home depot. the 12 volt sockets are arriving in the mail at some undetermined time, so the wires for those are also sticking out willy nilly. running the wires was very satisfying, especially when i figured out how to string them through the empty cavity at the top rear of the bus where the old flasher lights used to be installed. i thought i would have to run them over the surface of the wall around the door, but thanks to the cavity they are completely hidden (see photo). after the wires were in i moved on to cutting and fitting insulation. no saw, no drilling, simple. at the rear of the bus where the bed is to go, i covered over the lower half of the windows. the bed is going to be quite tall to accommodate rubbermaid totes underneath, so this way i have a bit more insulation and privacy. the wall plywood took some more fine measuring and cutting/re-cutting, but as of yesterday i got it all in and completed the coating of linseed oil today. i also started the kitchen cabinet today!! it usually takes me about half an hour of sitting and thinking/calculating/measuring before beginning a new task on the bus, which is when i feel like everything is moving so slowly, but then i figure it out and the pace picks up again. i am getting used to this now:) and i’m feeling much better about the way things are going, but maybe it’s partly because (as far as i can tell) i am pretty close to done. or at least the end is in sight, as opposed to when i was grinding away at the floor. the construction phase sure is nice compared to deconstruction!



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