converting #7, cabinets

this week has been the cabinets. there were a few little finicky things i forgot to do before constructing the cabinet framing, like attaching the wooden strips between the windows, so i had a little bit of backtracking to do that, but otherwise, things have been going well. i am hoping hoping hoping that i can get the bus in for the safety inspection by the end of this week, but as i’ve experienced so far, i can only keep working along and everything comes together in it’s own time. the hinges had me stumped last time i was at the bus, but i figured them out today. you’d think hinges would be simple, but they just seem to have so many ways they can attach! i was running out of large pieces of plywood by the end of the cabinets (and refused to buy more), so i had to improvise. as a result, two cupboard doors are 3/8″ thick, one is 1/2 and one is 5/8. one is also two pieces of plywood held together by a thinner strip of lighter plywood down the centre, which i think actually looks quite nice. i’ve noticed over the years that the prettiest things can result from mistakes or last-minute improvisations. in a way i look forward to them now (sometimes:).


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