converting #5 – a whole bunch of stuff

i finished all the necessary outdoor painting a week and a half ago and so have moved indoors (check out all the holes in the back i had to patch). i’d still like to grind and paint the front bumper, but it’s unnecessary for the safety, so i am putting it off. i got the floor in last week, and oiled it with linseed oil before leaving for the weekend. then this week i started with the wall studs and did one more oiling. it feels like things are moving so slowly, but then i looked back at the photos as i was getting ready to post, and i see how much has happened. yet, when it takes a whole day just to measure and cut and secure the (few) wall studs, it’s hard to see the progress. that said, i had been breaking metal drill bits all over the place, so i decided to reuse the pre-existing screw holes in the metal walls to mount the studs, and it took horrendously long to get all of those lined up with the wood. all the time goes into the invisible details. like the roof tar i spread on the roof seams today. i discovered three small window leaks and one roof leak in a heavy rain a couple of weeks ago. i seem to have been able to patch the window leaks, but i couldn’t find the roof leak. i siliconed a whole bunch of the seams up there to no avail. so i went for the roof tar and did ALL the seams and rivets. not pretty, but hopefully it works.


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