weekend break

DSC_1291smtook a well deserved weekend break to go out of town, though the out-of-towning still involved some research:) checked out a whole bunch of wood-stoves that some friends have and are willing to part with, and also took a look at the roof rack a friend built on a bus. i am thinking i might need one, the bus really isn’t very big and once a counter and bed are built in it gets even smaller. all of my worldly belongings i think will end up amounting to slightly larger than the 14ft of living space i have, and i’d like it to be at least a semi-comfortable drive west. all of the stoves seemed too large for the space, but i am not ruling out a couple of them because i’d prefer to have a too big one over none-at-all when winter hits.DSC_1285smDSC_1286smDSC_1305smDSC_1315sm

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