day 41

IMG_5857337890005337890003DSC_2782DSC_2789DSC_279115km 1440, august 1. 16m, N 67˚18 W 132˚13. 1:20-11:20pm.

long day of paddling today though we didn’t realize it. it was smoky all day – forest fires somewhere – rolled in last night so we couldn’t see the sky. then rain came and it was super dark. when we finally looked at the clock it was 11pm. what?! the smoke was/is thick. my hair smells like smoker smoke, it’s gross. we spent the whole day looking for water but all the streams we came to went down mud-hills so they were streams of mud. hopefully tomorrow. ever since thunder river (at least that’s when i noticed it) the north side of the river is different terrain from the south side somehow, i don’t get it. we crossed over from the south today after too many muddy creeks and it was northern desert sagebrush again, it smelt AMAZING. we found will on a sandbar again tonight (he took off before us this morning) and camped near him. he poked his head out of his tent and yelled hello as we were unloading. it sure is fun seeing your friends on the river, and not knowing when, or necessarily if, you will. love this life.

gratitude: being able to stand up in the stern to paddle; a tent that basically keeps the elements out; sage in the northern desert; lara bars with peanut butter (the emma special), and felafel and rice and green beans and asparagus and pea soup with bacon. yu-um!; eating SO well on this trip!

1st photo by emma.

camps on map are 38, 39/40, 41 and 42.

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