day 40, unknown sandbar rest day

DSC_2723 237910025DSC_2754IMG_5845 DSC_2762IMG_5856 DSC_2764IMG_5855 DSC_2771 DSC_2777 july 31st. no kilometers.

decided to stay for a rest day and enjoy the calm weather. around +23, i’d guess. water came up overnight, an inch or two, first time we’ve noticed it do that. swam and bathed and laundered. charged batteries (solar panel works! it was on the fritz one day, but it must have been the heat). had emma’s deelish bacon potato pancakes with bannock. will went “shopping” on the mainland for firewood and came back to make bread in a sand and stone oven he built. had felafel, rice and green beans for dinner. wrote postcards. drank tea. sewed things. had a bonfire at night. so nice to just be here and not be moving through like usual.

photos 6 & 8 by emma.

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