day 42, danny’s fish camp

DSC_2799 DSC_2804 DSC_2807DSC_2810 DSC_2801DSC_2816DSC_2803 DSC_2831km 1454, august 2. 40m (up a hill). 3-6pm.

at danny’s fish camp/home with him and paul. it’s the first home we’ve had the pleasure of stopping at on the deh cho. he was the first one who was obviously home, and he did his best to flag us down! emma and will heard a gunshot, and then shortly thereafter we spotted danny’s. we were a little wary due to the shot, but emma then saw smoke signals and a white flag waving. turns out danny didn’t see us and fired a shot to scare off wolves that were down on his beach, when he realized we were there he proceeded to try to seem as friendly as possible.

it’s been amazing here. danny and paul are incredibly sweet and welcoming. this place is beautyfull – everything about it – the fireweed and fish drying racks and antlers on everything and smokehouse and poplars. it’s a homestead. a sweet homestead in the woods like i love. he has a net and checks it 5 times a day. works 7am to 11pm.

“i’m over my head, but it sure feels nice.” fleetwood mac was on earlier as danny cooked up moose and chicken and battered fresh inconnu. AND also fed us deep-fried bannock and dry fish. holey moley. everything is so delicious. i love it here.

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