day 35

IMG_2078 DSC_2628DSC_2632

km 1223, july 26. 18m, N 66˚25 W 128˚58. 6-10:30pm.

journal excerpt: there is so much i didn’t expect here in the beauty and the kindness of the people and what they have to share. i didn’t expect the towns to be such a big part of the trip. but this morning i am feeling a sadness, knowing i am going to miss this when it’s gone, and the river community. sharing the experience of the towns with the friends we have met on the river has amplified it.

my dreams and waking life weave.

i dip and paddle. the north my blood. your stories inhabit. your people move through. i am so tired. it’s 1:30 am again and this is normal. we keep saying we’re going to bed early.

header photo by emma.

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