summer is not long enough


here is the plethora of photos i didn’t get through before the last post, a slurry of summer from june until september. it is like one of those books where you are given only pictures and you have to make up the story yourself. that’s a fun idea! let me know what you come up with!!! i’ll start you out with a couple of tidbits from my birthday…

this is how savvy i am of nautical terms:

when valeria and i were out on the water circumnavigating half the island by canoe, i was describing a boat to her that was in the bay we wanted to camp in… 

me: “it’s not really a sailboat, it’s more like a canoe, but it’s got a sail-stick.” 

valeria: “it’s called a mast.”

…and a snippet of shawns song that he was making up on the fly as john was playing guitar… “we got maps so we know where to go and tents so we don’t have to leave.” he’s really good at that.

(if you don’t want to make up your own narrative, please see the last two posts for the stories that accompany many of these photos)

though i love all the seasons for their own diverse reasons, while editing these photos i cannot help but feel the sentiment expressed in the title of this post. oh the bounty and the sunshine and the times spent on beaches with friends…


the first unpack of my new beauty…


look at what the kids made! aren’t they magnificent?


the spot before it was levelled for the cistern


this wasn’t it, but i cracked an egg this morning that i watched come out of the chicken several minutes before…. so cool.

*second last photo by carson.

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