happy because i’m near you


i spent the first 4 or 5 days back on the wee island, knitting. i had a list of things to attend to that i set aside in lieu of knitting. i couldn’t help myself. colour-work is addictive people! well, being social happened too. this island doesn’t let you sit idly at home unless you adamantly refuse all the fun things going on. it started with christmas, then sho came over for crafting, then wednesday night social, then catan and dinner with friends down the road, then band practice and birthday celebrations, then saturday was bird count for the audubon society, so i spent the morning wandering down the roads and through the sunny dripping woods with sue and peter, then that night was a potluck for all the bird counters. sunday i finally started in on the projects! with the roofing i brought back from the last trip over i made the overhang for the shed door (more covered outdoor space! yay!). monday was new years day. at the bird count dinner i met a family whose 14 year old daughter wanted to climb mt.t for the first sunrise of 2018, and i thought that sounded fun, so i went with them! we made it up before sunrise to see the pre-dawn light reflecting off the low hanging cloud and back onto the ocean. the ocean and air were calm, and we could see all the different paths the currents made through the water. i love that. how the ocean is not simply a great body of water, a singular entity moving as one, but has all this movement within. the sun rose huge and hot-pink, glowing serenely over the water, then a few minutes later disappeared into the cloud. hello 2018. welcome.


as sue said: this is peter cooking. yup, that makes me giggle too. (he’s making filbert butter! yum!!!!)

yesterday was modern dance class, which my body had missed. the wild and tame movement both. then lunch with denise and jenny, then headed down to doug and pennys to fill all my carboys with spring water. this is a short-term solution, i think. it’s too much work. i just need to find a stainless steel pot big enough to turn into a water filter. today i finally got the roofing on (half of) the shack! i’ve been wanting this for awhile. the shack is the one with the old asphalt shingles, that i gather water for my showers from. i assume that long-term showering in asphalt shingle water can’t be too good for you, so i can now cross that worry off my list. i couldn’t get all the roofing on the last trip because the shack is irregularly shaped and it turns out 9ft metal roofing isn’t common stock to carry. the side that i currently have eavestrough on is 7ft, so that is all i have done so far. the roof looks funny, but i think it will work for now, and i’ve put 4 sheets of 9ft on special order.


it’s looking like i will have more work off-island next week, so in the next couple of days i will add a bit more trim on the eaves of the shed, and then attach a longer piece of eavestrough. i’m feeling more like i’d prefer to have work here than go back and forth between the big island and this one, but what to do about that, i am not too sure yet. maybe it can work itself out for me over the next little while. one thing i AM looking forward to is going to buy more yarn! it’s time to make a cowichan sweater!


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