six day countdown


what’s been happening: at work yesterday i was eating blackberries off bushes on the side of the road and they dribbled down my shirt, staining my uniform. it’s the season of bounty and so far i have canned yellow plum juice from denise’s plums and made plum/raspberry, banana/blueberry and banana/grape leather from dad’s rasps, blueberries and grapes! i also scored a flat of over-ripe strawberries from a local farm for 18$ and made super addictive strawberry leather. i’m not allowed to eat these things though, because they’re mainly for future canoe trips!

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two weeks ago, on the wee island for the weekend, i went out for an evening solo ocean paddle to another nearby island where i basked in the setting sun and rising moon and did a bit of dancing and driftwood gathering. the brakes on the truck continued to stymie me, as i still had only limited tools and brought over what i thought i needed. the tube nuts on the lines were so corroded that the right size flare wrench was too big. next time i will be armed with a torch and more tools. and next time will be happening in six days! the barge is lined up and me and the bus and the cat are moving over! waaaa-oow! the beginning of the long-term dream. i have been re-varnishing the gunwales on the cedar canoe in preparation for winter storage, and organizing the bus to re-pack all of my everything into it. being a human who gathers things she needs as they come up, i have acquired two free screen doors and four windows, along with 8 more sheets of plywood for the inside of the shed, among many smaller things. i am not sure how this re-packing is going to go. my carrie friend hosted a wee gathering of folks to watch her favourite movie outdoors on a big screen last week. her favourite movie being ‘guardians of the galaxy’. have you seen this movie people? it’s HILARIOUS. normally i wouldn’t have thought to watch it because it looks like it has a lot of scary bits and i don’t do scary movies. but holy shit, was i glad i did. and THEN, as if one weren’t enough, we watched the second one. i was up til 2am. oh boy. it was worth it.


rae and max left for europe and another semester of school and i miss them, but now i have the same sweatshirt as rae so i can think of her all the time. we had what i called thanksgiving dinner at denise and kurt’s for rae and max’s departure. i mainly called it this because denise cooked up a huge turkey for us, but also because the big hodge-podge of us were all together and i was sure grateful for that. until denise called me a little bitch while we were playing settlers of catan and she wasn’t getting her way. (just kidding. still grateful). i got back a roll of film that had some sweet double exposures on it! that’s one thing that one has to love about film. i love playing with double exposures, you can’t plan them, you don’t know what you’re going to get, but sometimes one happens that bowls you over with beauty. this one is a mix of a west coast barnacled tide-pool, with one of carson canoeing at sunset (check it: the title image).



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