what home looks like


home is the people you spend your time with. home is the market where you go to gather. home is saying i am hungry, can i come eat your food? home is the post office and laughing with the postmaster whom you’ve known since you were 17. home is a parade of locals being ridiculous together. home is being comfortable in one anothers presence. home is generations growing together. home is sharing stories. home is saying, what are you doing later, want to come? home is being silly together. home is reaching out late at night when you need company and your friend saying hey – i am here. home is being held by community. home is asking your local farmer to give you a call when he’s got 30lbs of tomatoes you can buy for canning. home is the forest where you wander. together or alone. home is the jokes and laughter you share. home is the familiar path you have walked outside your door. home is knitting in silence together. home is the animal who curls up at your feet at night. home is every ride you hitch being your neighbour. home is holding babies even if you haven’t met their parents yet. home is falling into step with one another.¬†home is the place you are known.


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