the blessings

i just had deja-vu this morning. i was at the outdoor sink washing my hands and it sparked a memory of a dream i had of being here. isn’t deja-vu wild? i used to get it a lot, and think of it as an affirmation of being where i am supposed to be. in the last many years though, i haven’t had it as much. you have to wonder about things sometimes, you know?


so i think spring is my new favourite season. i thought it was summer because that’s when my birthday is and when adventures generally happen in my life, but oh, how spring sings to me this year. though ask me in a few months and i’ll say it’s summer again;) i went for my first run in months this morning! wow it feels good! i love that rubber leg feeling when you finally stop running after you haven’t in so long. there is a great loop by my new place that is 4.8km long, the perfect length for me. and it’s SUNNY this morning!!!! eeeeee!!!!!! it was about 9 degrees celsius out, and i can smell the beginnings of summer. the sun hot on the pine needles covering the earth. i LOVE that smell. oh my goodness. what joy lies therein. and there are buds on everything! and a peacock crossed the road in front of me! ha ha hoo. yeah, i was pretty happy on that run. then i came home to yoga and soon to make breakfast before heading over to heathers for a visit and baby cuddling. it’s been great this first week on the new land i am renting. it’s lovely to be situated in the forest more, and i am enjoying the outdoor sink. the shower is good too, but more of a process, so it takes a bit of planning for a shower to happen. there isn’t as ready access to uninhabited woods, which is a downer, but there is one road i haven’t tried yet. it’s been a very busy week though, so i haven’t had much time here, and have only gotten to the woods once. i am really addicted to playing the guitar right now, it is sucking up all spare moments, and even moments that are not so spare. currently iron & wine, iris dement, first aid kit and oh wonder are in rotation. i just discovered oh wonder, and their whole album is spectacular, so i printed out four of their songs to practice. i love the feeling that comes with words and music together. it’s healing. i have been working evening shift all week til 10pm, so i haven’t really had any evenings here, tonight will maybe be the 2nd one? work has been fabulous this week. all four of us casuals who got hired on/transferred here around the same time were working, and we kept each other laughing and listened to tunes all night. haven’t gotten in trouble for it yet;) it’s plant work – sorting packets and mail for the carriers in the day time. i don’t like it as much as delivery, but we sure made the most of it, and the time passed fast. also, my co-worker emma speaks so similarly to carrie, one of my closest friends, that it’s uncanny, but not in a freaky way. they also have the same shape of mouth and face, so i wonder if that affects speech. but it’s more than that, it’s also inflection – they say certain words and phrases exactly the same way. at times during the night when i wasn’t looking at her and she said something, it could’ve been carrie speaking. it’s wild. and it makes her feel familiar to me, like she is already a friend.

the shower!
a bit messy but it’s home

DSC_3385smDSC_3356smDSC_3364smDSC_3371smDSC_3374smDSC_3380smDSC_3403sm DSC_3407sm

tomorrow i am going to visit an old friend in the gulf islands that i haven’t seen in years! i think it was about 8 years ago that she came through winnipeg and we had a visit. we met way back when i was hitching around the island when i was 18. she was living in ucluelet but working at the friends of clayoquot sound office in tofino when i wandered in to volunteer one day. she took me under her wing that night when she discovered i had no place to stay. off we went to her little apartment under twinkling christmas lights. we sipped tea and listened to neil young and her eyes sparkled into the night. i am so grateful for friendship. what a gift we are given with it. and the older we get, the longer we know people. the blessings.


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