everything in between


the things that are happening: i am moving tomorrow. it is raining and windy out there. i bought a shower bag today. i finally finished most of the ceiling insulation, kicked into progress by the impending move and my work term being done, thus having tons of free time. i am so much more productive when i am not working! been drinking lots of pau d’arco tea and eating chickpea/rice flour banana pancakes every morning and listening to laurie brown on the signal every night. more joys of not working – staying up late and pancakes! did my taxes, and as a result of moving from mb to bc at the end of the year, i actually get a decent rebate instead of getting tons taken off like i have the last couple of years (half the tax rate out here!). all the treasures are getting packed off the shelves for the move. i got my second chainsaw lesson and learned how to fell a small tree, check out the lovely little pile of firewood in my trunk, doesn’t it look happy? this also meant i got to try out a chainsaw i am considering buying, but still haven’t made up my mind between the larger or smaller size. everything is budding, i have been snacking on huckleberry, raspberry, mint and oregon grape buds. what joys. i know the nettle is up too, but am waiting til i move to harvest a bunch for a meal and maybe drying. my sandals have been unearthed from hibernation. been rocking out to carly rae jepsen’s pop tunes on the fab car stereo – way too loud. revelling in long-time girlfriends and community and late night conversations over things that matter and maybe matter not so much at all. yoga and guitar playing and writing and woods walking are still the constant. and then the living of everything in between, the breathing it all in, breathing it all out.


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