the wee island

i went to the wee island this weekend to see the land again and to meet some potential land partners. i decided to sleep up on the bluff to be there with it in daylight and darkness. s’s 11 year old daughter said to me, ‘you’re going to sleep up there in a tent in winter?!’. but winter here is not like winter in manitoba. you can sleep outside here all year, easy. after dinner with s & c, i found my way via shortcut back to the bluff top in the dark, despite having taken the way only once before. rain pattered down on the tent all night and the wind whipped around up high in the treetops. inches of moss padded my dreams. dsc_1582smdsc_1584smdsc_1634smdsc_1696smdsc_1627smdsc_1640smthe morning brought a few minutes of sun and lit up wonder. the mossy ledges where i dreamed a garden, facing perfect south. i am in love.dsc_1682smdsc_1673smdsc_1656smdsc_1666smdsc_1651smdsc_1647sm

there was even lavender, sage and oregano on the bluff!

on the ferry home the waves were mountainous and i had to fight off motion-sickness, once again wondering why in the world i want to live on an island. it’s a hard one to answer. but then there were porpoises. loving the waves they rode our wake for miles. is this the answer? it is part of it, for sure. feeling motion-sick hangover for the next couple of nights my confidence wavered, but maybe once there i won’t have to leave so often?

this mushroom was as big as my foot


20161120_141605on solid ground i am so thankful. a sealion in the harbour seeking food gazed at me with it’s knowing eye.

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