3 sleeps

3 sleeps, two work days, 2.5 days with s, 1 ethiopian dinner and countless chores left until departure. my bus is full full, but not as full as i initially thought it would be. there is still wiggle room. if i kept it full of all of my stuff, i could probably still live in it functionally for awhile if necessary. i am happy. this is exciting. despite the uncertainty of leaving for an unknown home and unknown work situation, there is an undercurrent of anticipation. i can imagine smelling the salt air again for the first time. i can picture the mountains. i am looking forward to actually living in my bus when the time comes – with it set up as a home. not much left to pack, but i should probably get a move on anyway. make hay.


we took a break this saturday though to visit jennifer and will on their farm. it was swell to spend the day in the country, with good company. i spend time with other people fairly rarely as i tend more towards the hermit, but i always love the inspiration that comes from other peoples stories and lives.




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