the work has begun. i spent 228$ at canadian tire yesterday. paint and a respirator being the most expensive things. grinder disks, paint tray and roller, hasps, a padlock, some sheet metal screws. yesterday looked grim when i attempted unsuccessfully to un-bolt the seats from the floor. it didn’t help that i didn’t have extra-long socket heads for the extra long bolts. i ground off three bolts before i wore out the cut-off disk on the 4th. then i moved on to unbolting the wall bolts, which all went fine, thankfully. and which meant today, armed with an extra-long socket head and an impact driver (thanks to jeremy), i was able to haul out 7 of the 12 seats! woo hoo!IMG_2805IMG_2807IMG_2815IMG_2816IMG_2831IMG_2832IMG_2836IMG_2837IMG_2817

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