well, it’s been a whopping 6 months since my last post, so it’s about time hey? big things have been happening. i sold my house for one. plans are in the works to finally make the move back to vancouver island. i haven’t worked for over 2 months in all of the selling/packing/moving hubdub, and now definitely don’t have the desire to go back to work. but money is necessary for most things, right? i guess we’ll see if there is work to be had. canada post is threatening a lock-out and being on their payroll, that would include me. went for a lovely 6 day canoe trip with emma, benita and leigh last week, and plan to go for another 5 day-er with the boyfriend and some kidlets and maybe a couple other adults next week. also am hoping to become the owner of a 36 passenger school bus, which i plan to convert into a home, and which i will also use to transport myself and all of my stuff to the west coast in the next month or so if all goes well. big plans big plans. exciting and scary all at once.

life continues on and the daily minutiae of paying final bills, returning modems, selling things i don’t want to move and making appointments carries me forward.

for now, here are some photos of the experimental lakes canoe trip with the ladies, hopefully soon i will have photos of a bus to share.

*18th photo (inside bug tent) by emma

DSC_0100smDSC_0111smDSC_0120smDSC_0122smDSC_0205smDSC_0207smDSC_0223smDSC_0262smDSC_0253smDSC_0278smDSC_0282sm DSC_0291smDSC_0575smDSC_0325smDSC_0267smDSC_0332smDSC_0251smDSC_0346smDSC_0298crsmDSC_0364smDSC_0390smDSC_0401smDSC_0450smDSC_0471smDSC_0498smDSC_0562smDSC_0232sm



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