day 23, old fort point

IMG_1946 IMG_1947 IMG_1957 IMG_1967 IMG_5640

km 888, july 14. 51m, N 64˚39 W 124˚53. 1:30-9pm.

i know, confusing hey? old fort point? wasn’t there already an old fort island? yes, yes there was. there were a lot of old forts in these parts. today brought hail, thunder and lightning RIGHT above us, and almost-but-not getting run over by the barge. journal excerpt: thunderstorms were threatening all day over the mountain ranges to the east and west, but this 4th one was the one that hit. before the lightning part it was just heavy rain in calm winds, which was SO gorgeous on the water. then of all things, as we were crossing the river the barge started bearing down on us as the lightning storm was to our backs. we couldn’t hear it at all over the rain, etc. luckily emma saw it. so we made it to shore, hauled everything out of the boat and hunkered down on the hill in our rain-gear as the storm passed over and it hailed. whaaa??? ha! oh yeah.

gratitude list for today: not getting killed by lightning storm tonight. thank you! not getting killed by barge. thank you! gorgeous day/fast current. making km while the going is good. being inside the tent with rain outside.

last photo is by emma.

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