ok, so this is what happened, and it was all thanks to jenny v.

adrienne texted that morning saying galentines dinner at her place, which was a thing i didn’t know existed until she told me about it (feb 13th). so i caught a ride with hilary that evening, and we arrived to adrienne cooking up a storm of organic chicken, creamy gravy, roasted acorn squash and parsnips and sweet potatoes and beets, and caramelized brussels sprouts. jenny brought one of her fabulous salads, all fresh from the garden in february, and i brought a white bean tomato soup with this years new spring nettles. as we, a bunch of thirty and forty-somethings, were cooking and setting up the table, i asked if it felt to everyone else like we were playing at being adults. they concurred, and i wondered if it would still feel that way when are doing this at 60. adrienne hoped so, and i sure do too. dinner was divine, as could be expected with the aforementioned fare. then we cleared off the table and began jennys project. she has dubbed it the heart-on, and i hope the tradition will continue yearly where we all gather around the table and get messy and make art together. jenny had brought a bunch of hearts cut out of various old cards and postcards that she had been given, or had collected from others. she also brought more papers we could cut hearts out from, and inspirational quotes about life and love, and mod podge and glitter. a moment now to speak on glitter if you please. i LOVE glitter. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. i love sequins and sparkles and glitter and shiny beads and tinsel and metallic paint and water droplets hanging from tree branches catching the light in the early morning sun. i read somewhere that humans (and perhaps other beings) are attracted to shiny things because they remind them of water. this makes sense to me. but regardless of the reason, and despite the fact that jenny last night said scientists think glitter is a bad idea because of all the tiny bits of plastic that get filtered out into the environment, i cannot help myself. one of the (many) great things about this island is that no one has street addresses. which means, if you feel like it, you can make yours up. you can make up a new one for every piece of mail you receive, if you feel like it! one of the ones i chose is: glitter sparkle sequin way. oh the joy when that mail arrived in my mailbox. alright, diversion aside, jennys idea was to glue these quotes onto the hearts and decorate them in any other way we saw fit, then to paper the island with them. luckily jenny was to deliver the mail on valentines day, so she took a heart-load to stuff into mailboxes. sandika was to work at the bakery, so she took a bunch of tiny ones to place on the edges of people plates, hilary planned to stick a bunch on the cars on the hill, adrienne was to head to the free store and fire hall with hers, and i took some to put up at the hall for social night tonight. as a result of the pure joy i got from sitting around the table with those ladies, gluing and glittering and randomly reading out the sweetest quotes we found like: “i want to be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye” and “they told me that to make her fall in love i had to make her laugh. but everytime she laughs i’m the one who falls in love”, i decided to go home and write out all the beautyfull quotes i could find to text to as many friends as i could. i typed into the wee hours and as soon as i got up this morning, hit send send send. and of course, when you give love you get so much more in return. my phone keeps dinging with the sweetest words coming back. i feel like i am in grade school when we had those big construction paper heart pockets we’d made taped to our desks, and the whole class would give each other valentines, whether they were your close friend or not. it is not just about Hallmark, like i often write it off to be and then do nothing for this occasion. it is about all the love in the world that we are so lucky to be gifted with. my heart is full.                                  t h a n k y o u.


oh, and look, it’s spriiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!

2 thoughts on “st.valentin

  1. I LOVE my galentine that came with the mail. Thank you, all of you. Collage jams are a bucket of fun, would love to do one if there’s a chance. Happy Heart Day to all.


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