gene pools, tide pools and warm cups of broth

mom and her partner and their friend came to visit this weekend. we walked to the falls and the beach. we went for dinner and oh was it tasty. i don’t go out much, as you may well know, so it was my first time in this restaurant. all gluten free, homemade corn tortillas enveloping goat cheese and braised pork with bone broth in a thick steamy mug to wrap my cold hands around. you know that time in the evening that feels like promise? i don’t know if it feels like this for everyone, but it always has for me. it’s at dusk, maybe the sun has just set, the sky is still light but the air is full of greys and dark blues. when i’m out at this time i have to fill my lungs, breathe it all in. possibility at this hour is palpable. it’s almost like i can lift off. i drove home is this space, a tribe called red filling the airwaves, lulling and sparking inside of me.

dsc_2379sm dsc_2388sm dsc_2395sm dsc_2396sm dsc_2419smdsc_2436sm

on the morning of their departure the rain was falling and mom wanted to call off the falls, but i insisted. we got there and the sun spilled out, illuminating droplets of rain at the end of every branch, the crashing rushing water sending up mist. beauty. they left from there and i walked home through the forest, finding something i had never seen before – a creek spilling through a hole in the base of an old rotten cedar. amazing. teach me not to take the same trails home every time.

img_0185sm img_0186sm img_0197sm img_0202sm img_0205sm

i am as usual enamoured with genetics and how we come to look like who we are. i finally got a photo of my moms and my hands together, which i intended to do before i moved away, but forgot. i think this would be a cool project to do with your kid, take a photo of your hand or your foot or whatever with theirs once a year in the same position. a neat marker of time.


a dear friend who i haven’t spoken with in some time got in touch last week with an amazing job opportunity. i have applied for it and will write more about that later should it go through. but she also said she sent me mail to the wee island, because she thought i was living there already. so i called postmaster tony today and he said – hey we have mail for you, it came 4 days ago! i laughed. i haven’t lived there in 12 years and he is holding my mail. love him. love community.


i got at least one thing done on the bus recently – made catches for all of the cupboards so they don’t swing open when driving. easy to forget about when i am not driving it around, but so necessary when i am, so i am quite happy about that. i carved them out of cedar, which was lovely fun. also realized i haven’t posted a photo of the finished cabinet all those months ago. still working on the ceiling insulation project, but that always feels less pressing when it’s so warm out.


love it when it’s sunny


and the last exciting thing: i was given a cedar strip canoe my uncle built in 1987! wo-ow! it will probably be some time before i actually put it in the water, it needs some new varnish in parts, but ooooooh, just looking at it is delicious. dream dream dream…


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