day 3, tombstone

DSC_3031 DSC_3049 DSC_3057337890023 DSC_3071437900001

august 12. 1030m, N 64˚30 W 138˚13.

staying at the tombstone campground tonight. we were going to hike up goldensides mountain to camp, but it was freezing and i wasn’t sure we were allowed to park up there. we asked about this after we were settled into the campground and turns out we could, but ah well. at least here we get a fire and a cook-stove. we’ll hike up tomorrow after breakfast.

i met a woman tonight who is the artist-in-residence at the tombstone interpretive center. her name is rebecca barfoot and she lives a dream life, in my books anyway. she is from colorado and has been coming up to the yukon for years. she would live here if she could, but for the border. she is here for a two-week residency, then is going to do a ten day solo-hike, then will be in residence in whitehorse, and then is heading to atlin for the winter. w o w. oh life.

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