day 44


km 1526, august 4. 9m, N 67˚26 W 133˚44. 1:30pm-1am.

good paddling day, though long. it was head-windy from about 4pm onward and we were going through the lower ramparts which were SO windy and wavy. they were probably three foot waves we were going over, and we were close to shore! i have no idea how big they were in the center – the whitecaps were huge.

not too far past camp this morning we saw a boat and cabin-esque structure on shore. there were people walking down to the boat so we stopped. it turned out to be julie, danny’s sister, and her two teenage daughters and 6 week old son. we learned that she and her family had been coming to that spot – their summer camp – for the last 15 years, but it was only in the last couple of years that they started setting up structures. it was a beautyfull space. different than dannys with trees here and there. it was really great to meet them. i loved how it was just three women (and a baby) out in the woods together. they kindly invited us up for tea and we learned about the girls’ plans on completion of high school. one wanted to move to edmonton for university, the other toronto. after leaving, emma and i wondered what the culture shock would be like for them.

header and 1st photo by emma.

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