day 38

IMG_5816DSC_2655 DSC_2658 DSC_2660 DSC_2661 IMG_2092

km 1353, july 29. 14m, N 67˚18 W 130˚25. 4pm-1:30am.

stopped at little chicago today to get water from the tributary river there, but couldn’t find it! emma spotted it eventually over a sand berm, but it only trickled into the deh cho and seemed stagnant. we went a little further and found a rushing clear creek with lots of tracks around it. bears with claw marks and the unknown one that looks like a small cat or a fox. moon and sun in the sky at the same time tonight.

breakfast three pm/driftwood braided along shore/will across the bay

clay boots in canoe/wash your underwear in silt/muscles constant ache

iron and wine croons/wind feathers water, sun sets/of what do you dream?

gratitude: this place; a tent with screens!; clear water sources; cameras to take photos with!; haiku’s that come.

first photo by emma

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