day 26

IMG_5691  IMG_5683IMG_1981IMG_1973 IMG_5697IMG_1976  DSC_2502DSC_2509

km 971, july17. 44m, N 65˚3 W 126˚10. 3:30-10pm.

before leaving tulita today wendy and ron fed us blueberry pancakes and then ron drove us around town to get the full tour. we passed by the winter road and so i got to see what it looks like in summer. it was all grass, really neat to see a swath of grass cut through the short forest; ron said a lot of it is muskeg. then to the dump where there were so many cranes, ravens and one wolf with an injured paw. sad to see all of the wildlife there, it was so tame, and the wolf looked gluttonous.

checked the mail one more time before leaving and all three packages i had been expecting came in! thanks canada post.

header and photos 1, 2 and 5 by emma.

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